Reader Flatform Q & A: Pilates On The Go

Q. I finally decided to take the plunge and start a Pilates practice. Problem is, I’m going on vacation for two weeks in the middle of the summer. Should I wait till I get back to begin my sessions, or start ASAP? Will a break hinder my progress?

Vehia Walker, a senior instructor at Uptown Pilates in NYC, responds:
Congratulations to you! I think any time is the right time to start good habits. Luckily for you, the Pilates method can be practiced anywhere, from your hotel room to the beach. I suggest you ask your instructor for “homework”—simple exercises that you can memorize. A good go-to, and one of my favorites, is the Series of Five: Single-Leg Stretch, Double-Leg Stretch, Single Straight-Leg Stretch, Double Straight-Leg Stretch and Criss-Cross. These five exercises work your entire body, especially the abdominals, and the whole thing takes about five minutes. You could also record one of your sessions to redo while you’re away. Either way, you’ll be sure that you’re progressing on your Pilates journey.

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