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Agnesia Nurul

Agnesia Nurul

As an accupunturist, I know that life is meant to be flowing, moving, active, just like the life force that flows inside the body , those are the reason why I love active lifestyle. Hiking and travelling are my perfect choice to enjoy life and keet it moving. Pilates, accupunture ure also my perfect choice to have a better life, during these 4 years as both a teacher and accupunturist, I saw many of my clients become better and better both in movement and in quality of life as a whole.

Adding my knowledge in aerial, from Anti Gravity teacher training certification in 2014,  combining the thee of them to make a quick fix to a tired body. I believe that an exercise should be  safe enough, challenging enough and fun enough so that it could be beneficial inside out.

Qualifications :

  • AntiGravity Certified Teacher (Fundamental and Aerial Fitness I & II)
  • BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher