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Laurent Gunawan

Laurent Gunawan

Sharing the goodness to all my friends is the reason why I want to teach pilates. After I finished my banchelor degree, I didnt stop learning, and pilates was one of my many options. I finished my formal pilates education tru BASI Pilates in 2014 and every time I have a chance to improve my education, I would go for extra mile.

I believe that every body is unique and should be taught according its need. In 1618Pilates, I teach many different bodies, from eldery clients to a scoliosis teenager, and yes Pilates gives the goodness to them.

Qualifications :

  • BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certified Teacher
  • BASI Pilates Training – Pilates for Elderly clients
  • BASI Pilates Training – Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies
  • BASI Pilates Training – Innovation in Pilates
  • Some others International recognition trainings