If I could pick 3 words to describe Abigail they would be, honest, loving and just a little bit crazy! But its the craziness that I most like, because it is what makes her human. Get ready to sweat in her classes, because her precise eye means you cannot cheat!
God bless her always.

Mutiara Fernandez, BASI Pilates Teacher – Italy

Before I met pilates, I suffered from low and upper back pain, I got tired easily in taking care of my 4 kids.   My posture was hunched and not well constructed.
After afew sessions, I felt more energized during the day and all of sudden I didnt remember my back pains anymore. With the new body, I feel more confidence, my legs are high heels friendly and most of that I can do lots of things with my kids. Never complaining in any kind of physicals acitivities, include going to the gym with my beloved husband.
I am so lucky to meet Abigail as my pilates teacher. Her passion, patience and pesistence were able to drive me in the correct muscles movements. She just knows how to push the button 'on'
I feel like I dont want to miss any pilates session with her anymore. God bless her work, her service.

Noni Lianawati Rahardjo, housewife

I met Abigail about 3 years ago but it was not until I got pregnant with my first child and had a series of private maternity session with her. Abigail is a perfect balance of professionalism, fun, and genuine interest in my fitness and well-being. Exercising with her definitely has helped me a lot during my pregnancy. I am proud to say that I have no back pain, no swelling, and no major cramps at all. Thank you Abigail, I look forward to continuing my postpartum exercise with you soon!

Nessa Phoeng, interior architecture