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Welcome to 1618Pilates Movement Center, we are the home of professional pilates teachers in Indonesia.

We believe that life is in a spiral harmony, when everything is in harmony, the energy will flow in most effective way.  When we observe arround us and try to translate the code, a certain ratio will appear, it is ‘phi’ it is Φ or simply we put it 1,618

Plants can grow a new cell in spiral, such a beautiful pattern if we see in the sunflower. Interesting, that the ratio doesnt only appear in sunflowers, cauliflowers, plants but also in seashells, flowers and branches, honeybees, buildings and in human body too.

Most part of human body comes in following the number one, two, theee and five, one nose, eyes, three segments to each limb and five fingers on each hand. The proportions and measurements of the human body can also be divided up in terms of the golden ratio.

Math Scientists have pondered the question for centuries. In some cases, the correlation may just be coincidence. In other situations, the ratio exists because that particular growth pattern evolved as the most effective. In plants, this may mean maximum exposure for light hungry leaves or maximum seed arrangement.

One of Pilates principle is Harmony, when the body moves in harmony it creates pleasing effect, create congruity, mutual reaction to each part of it.

Creating harmony in movements, it its the passion that drives us to share the goodness of pilates, 1618 Pilates Movement Center, located in the north Bandung – West Java, Indonesia, provides you not only Pilates classes but also the first studio with fully equipped with BASI System®, finely crafted equipments that will take your Pilates exercise to a different sensation.

Come and join us either as Pilates Enthusias or BASI Pilates Students.

Teacher Training
Leiny Ruthsiana Leiny Ruthsiana
Laurent Gunawan Laurent Gunawan
Agnesia Nurul Agnesia Nurul
Abigail Angkawijaya Abigail Angkawijaya

Getting serious about Pilates ? Why dont you dive more into a well stuctured Pilates Course ?

1618 Pilates Movement Center as the host of BASI PILATES in Java & Bali – Indonesia, conduct MTTC/ Mat Teacher Training Course and CTTC/Comprehensive Teacher Training – Condensed Program annually.

Please check the schedule in www.basipilates.com